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Hello Mexico City! The THRIVE Food Tour + Our Essential Restaurants

Fine Dining. Street Food. Eclectic Combos.

Plantasia in Roma Norte

My number-two pick is an all-plant-based sushi and inventive pan-Asian fare with creative cocktails and an upscale plant-filled bohemian dream. It feels laidback and fancy pants at the same time. Oh, heavens, their inventive crispy wontons, spicy rolls, pho, and curry might be the best you find in CDMX. Perfect for a carb-filled date night.

Paxil Plant-Based Seafood 

Wanna try the best vegan seafood street tacos you’ve ever had? We did a street food tasting in Roma Norte, and they topped the list. Affordable, around $2 per item, and you’ll want to fall over to get those “fish” tacos, “ceviche,” and oyster mushroom quesadillas. Check their hours, and hit the artist markets in the area afterward on the weekend.

Mora Mora Condesa

This was our go-to place for lunch and dinner. We’d run in Parque, Mexico, and get a superfood smoothie and kale salad with a tofu avo scramble here afterward. Their slogan is dedicated to “clean eating,” but they have everyone covered with bowls, burgers, and a health food store to stock up on vegan groceries. It can be painfully slow. 

Vegan Ramen Mei CDMX

An unassuming tiny lil hole in the wall in Condesa/Hipodromo with quaint outdoor seating and littered with five-star ratings. It’s a neighborhood institution and always full. Hands down, it was the best ramen we found. Our favs were the orange “chicken,” Korean “wings,” and Tokyo shoyu. You can’t go wrong with any of the noodle soups. 

Goy’s Plant-Based Burgers

Confession: we only ordered here online, late at night when we were starving after a long day. Admittedly, it is vegan junk food, but if you need a greasy burger, fries, and a shake, they’ve got you. It's weirdly pricey for CDMX. Make sure you over-order if it’s late and you’re super hungry. 


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