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5 Simple Tips to Renew, Reset, and Refresh Every Day

Plant Fusion


Each morning brings a new opportunity for renewal, to refresh for the day ahead mentally and physically. The self-care steps you take when you first wake up make a direct impact on the rest of your day, from proper hydration to nutrition, and even a positive mindset! Giving your body and mind what they need in the morning to prepare for the day ahead is simple.


Usually incorporating a collagen supplement means incorporating highly processed animal-based gelatin, which we steer clear from. Since eating collagen doesn’t build collagen, we prefer PlantFusion’s Complete Plant Collagen Builder. Their blend of Saberry amla extract, amino acids proline & glycine, and proteins from plants wok to enhance your body’s ability to create its own collagen in your body, something we need help with as we get older. It also contains plant-based oils called ceramides, which restore the water barrier for greater hydration in your skin and joints. This protein powder offers the amino acids you need to boost, build and protect the existing collagen in your body to ensure that your hair, bones, ligaments and skin stay strong and toned. Plus it’s cruelty-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO and sweetened with stevia and monk fruit extract.

2. BRAIN HYDRATION. WATER, FIRST THING! We know it sounds cliché, but your brain can’t work optimally without lots of hydration, leading to brain fog and headaches during the day. It also help regulate your mood. This is one of the =simplest, “no-brainer” steps you can take that has the biggest impact! Drinking at least 16 oz of room temperature or warm purified water on an empty stomach helps cleanse the colon, which increases the efficiency of the intestine to absorb nutrients, flushes toxins and neutralizes the hunger that results from dehydration, which helps your body determine how much food it actually needs. Bonus: squeeze half a lemon for an extra cleansing effect. Remember to always brush your teeth before drinking water, cleansing your mouth of bacteria buildup overnight.


When you wake up, after you’ve had your warm morning water, find a quiet place with natural light. Sit for two minutes and take 10 deep breaths, clearing your mind, resetting from any stressors and pressing pause on your mental to-do list for a couple minutes. Replenishing your mental state is just as important as supporting your physical well-being! Also, remember to set clear intentions for your day.


Leave your room the way you’d like to find it when you come home after a long day. This might seem simple, but the mental effect of coming home to a clean room makes a big difference! Take five minutes to make your bed, consolidate any trash or dirty clothes, take dishes to the kitchen and stack your books back up on your nightstand. Organizing the space around you can amplify your ability to organize your mind, and it’s a gesture of self-care and prioritization just as much as brushing your teeth or making a nutritious breakfast. This goes for your office space as well.


We know you only have a finite amount of time in the morning to get ready and prepare for the day ahead, which is why a protein smoothie or breakfast bowl is the perfect solution for your daily nutrients! Throw everything in it if you’ve got an intense workday ahead—greens, fruits, etc. For clarity, focus and maintaining energy evenly throughout the day, plant-based protein is the way to go. If you want to tone up, try PlantFusion’s Complete Lean Protein Powder.

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