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Tips for Staying Healthy on the Go

With the new year come new goals, new commitments and more time spent out. It can be tough to stick to a healthy routine with all of the chaos! Luckily, a little planning and a positive attitude can get you far. Here are some simple tips to keep you healthy on the go:


Plan your meals.

Making your own food will not only save money, it will also save time and keep you eating clean! Pick up some healthy tips on packing lunches for all ages. Don’t forget about snacks—eating regularly throughout the day will keep you energized and focused. No time to meal prep? Grab a Svelte® vegan protein shake. Each bottle is packed with 11 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber and 50 percent of your recommended daily value of vitamin B12.

Bring water.

More water, please! Staying hydrated is important for both your mental and physical health. Many Americans suffer from dehydration daily with feelings of dizziness, low energy and frequent headaches. It can be easy to forget about drinking water while you are running errands and conquering your goals… but don’t! Keep a reusable water bottle with you for easy access and to help you track your consumption.

Walk when possible.

Heading out for the day? If possible, try accomplishing some of the trip on foot. Adding more steps into your day is a great way to boost energy and increase fitness! You can also add more activity to your day by taking phone calls on the move and regularly getting up and walking around—fill your water bottle, use the restroom or just stretch your legs. Try to take a short break every 30 minutes that includes some movement!

Put down your phone.

It can be easy to get lost on your phone during down time. Whether in transit or just taking a break from the real world, people spend an average of three to four hours on their phones each day. While your phone does offer a wealth of information and entertainment, spending time away from screens is important for mental health. Take time during your day to relax and absorb the world around you—phone-free.


Feeling stressed? Take a deep breath. Your breathing can affect both your mind and body. In particular, breathing deeply is associated with lower anxiety and improved blood pressure. It can also build respiratory strength.

Regardless of your schedule, these suggestions will help you stay healthy and energized all day long! Looking for more fit living tips? Follow Svelte®:

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