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Fruity Peach Cocktail with Rum and Sparkling Wine

Jules Aron


Instagram: @julesaron |

Cocktail Photos:

Photo of Jules: @cocopropshop

Food Photos: @papphoto

rum cocktail, fruit cocktail

Using fruit in your cocktails is a wonderfully healthy way to sweeten up your drinks without adding unnecessary sugar. Here are a few recipes that will keep things light and refreshing all season long.


¼ cup peach, cubed

1 sprig thyme, plus extra for garnish

¾ oz rum

2 oz sparkling wine

sparkling wine cocktail recipe


Place the peach and thyme in a shaker and muddle well. Add ice and rum and give it a good shake. Double strain into a coupe and top with sparkling wine. Garnish with a sprig of thyme.


The juicy peach is a high antioxidant food with anti-inflammatory properties essential for gut health. It is also a heart-healthy fruit that protects the heart from disease.

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