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Our Mexico City Foodie Guide

Curated by editors + artists, Shiro Schwarz

Instagram: @shiroschwarz


I asked one of my favorite bands to give us their foodie guide to their hometown.We met when I crashed their outdoor table in Mexico City while geeking out over the plant-based gourmet eats at an all-vegan outdoor market. That led to vintage shopping, art collaborations and my current art crush on the duo. Here are their favs! –MP


Exquisite 100 percent vegan tacos made with handmade pink tortillas! They combine unimaginable ingredients to create gorgeous and very original taquitos. If you can’t try them all, our recommendation is to always try the creation of the month, where they experiment with seasonal ingredients.


Very cool place to have dinner with friends. Super delicious food and drinks, like the rose petal kombucha. We love their Khaleesi salad—one that’s actually fun to eat! And their jackfruit carnitas tacos, Forever Wrap and nachos with cheese and tempeh bacon are to die for. Their new restaurant/store in Polanco is among the best in the city and is nice looking.


Truly great prices on food and the best vegan chicharrón tacos, period. Their store is one of the most complete and they have awesome yogurt. This one has been around for a while, long before more places started to pop up everywhere. Respect!


Authentic street taco experience, but 100 percent vegan! They offer amazing desserts like cupcakes, brownies and even sometimes tiramisu, and what’s best: always very friendly people serving!


One of the coolest stores/restaurants with lots of national and imported products ranging from alcohol-free radler to pet supplies. In our opinion, the best vegan bakery in town— love their cakes, croissants and conchitas!


Best vegan pozole in the city! One of our favorite places to eat, with a relaxed environment and accessible prices. They also offer a three-course meal during lunch time. Excellent for sandwiches, salads and vegan mac ‘n’ cheese!


Crazy delicious milkshakes. We love the “mmmm” made of mamey with amaretto, as well as “Heavy Menta”—classic chocolate with mint. Don’t forget to ask for almond, rice or soy milk. They also have two delicious vegan cookies (chocolate and cranberry)!


The first full-on vegan option in Mexico City started as a delivery restaurant only; now they have a beautiful restaurant in Colonia Roma. Their flavorful dishes go from Mexican to Japanese, Thai and fusion. Their menu changes every day, and they have amazing cakes and pancakes for dessert. Simply one of the best options to enjoy a delicious, exciting and satisfying meal in the city.


If by any chance you find yourself hanging out in the suburbs of Mexico City, Verde Amor is the best option to buy vegan goods at their store, or you can go upstairs to their cozy restaurant and have a delicious meal. Sandwiches, wraps, salads, juices and smoothies are what they offer.


Delicious vegan okonomiyaki! Great option to share while you also enjoy some vegan gyoza!

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