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Probiotic-Packed Buddha Bowls

Nick Joly

Blogger + Recipe Developer



How has food impacted your life?

Food has had an enormous impact on my life, and I have lost over 100 pounds as a direct result of changing my lifestyle and putting foods into my body that heal me.

Choosing to heal, not harm

Every morning, I start with one liter of water. Before I put anything else into my body, that one liter of water is crucial. It rehydrates us from the prior night of sleep and ensures all our organs are well oiled to function properly for the day. Next is food. As with anything we put into our bodies, we have the option of choosing some - thing that will heal us or harm us. Being mindful about which foods will nourish my body and leave me feeling healthy is always a priority.

Eating to thrive

For me, wellness always comes back to “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”—Hippocrates. Living well means living balanced and ensuring I get the foods and nutrients that will help my body thrive throughout each and every day.

Detox + cleansing

For me, the answer to detoxing is always water. Cruciferous greens always find a way of sneaking into my morning smoothies, and they leave me feeling energized and cleansed.

Life Truth

The energy you put out into the universe is solely dependent on you. Express positivity, gratitude and kindness, and it will all come back to you.


4 cups baby spinach

2 cups pickled cucumbers/gherkins

2 cups roasted chickpeas

1 zucchini, spiralized

2 cups shiitake mushrooms

1 cup pickled beets


Lay your spinach down as the base for your bowls, and add your ingredients gently on top in sections as you make your way around the bowl. The pickled cucumbers and beets are store-bought and can be added to your bowls right away. These are the key sources of probiotics, so make sure you buy organic and from a brand that you trust. For the zucchini, I simply spiralized and added the zoodles in raw. For the roasted chickpeas, dress them in a bowl with 4 tbsp olive oil, and ¼ tsp each of cumin, curry and chili powder. Roast in the oven at 400°F/205°C for 45 minutes. Lightly panfry the mushrooms with a drizzle of olive oil. This will enhance the texture and pull out those earthy flavors of the mushroom.

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