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Hot Coconut "Chicken" (Played by Mr. Maitake Mushroom)

Derek Sarno

One of our fav chefs


Instagram: @WickedHealthy



1 lb Maitake mushroom clusters, left whole

3 cups chickpea flour

3 cups rice flour

Grape seed oil

2 cups coconut milk

2 cups cold water

1 tbsp salt, coarse grind

1 tbsp poultry seasoning

1 tbsp black pepper, fine grind

1 tsp granulated onion

1 cup coconut carrot habanero (


Prep Maitakes first: Heat cast iron on medium heat with 2 tbsp oil. Pressing technique: Add Maitake clusters to heated cast iron. Cook for 1 minute and weigh down with additional pan or tinfoil-wrapped brick to create a press. Cook for 2 minutes. Flip over, going back and forth a few times, lightly season with salt and pepper, until mushrooms are condensed into golden brown steaks with minimal liquid in the pan.


Depending on the mushrooms (cause they’re all different), liquid will leach out more than others. Once pressed, remove from pan, cool, and marinate in 1 cup coconut milk and Haute Sauce until ready to fry. In deep fryer (or medium cast iron pan with oil 2 inches deep), heat at 350-375°F/175-190°C. In separate bowls, create breading station. In first bowl with chickpea flour, lightly dredge each piece of shroom first in flour to coat. In second bowl, mix rice flour and remaining seasonings with 1 cup coconut milk, ½ cup Haute Sauce, and 2 cups cold water to create thick tempura-like mixture. Dip each piece and allow excess to drip away before adding to hot oil. Fry each piece for several minutes on each side until golden brown, gently remove from fryer to paper towel, and salt lightly. Serve with dipping sauce or create a killer sandwich!

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