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Raspberry and Strawberry + Invigorating Matcha Smoothie Bowls

Sarah Kermalli


Instagram: @sculptedpilates


The 411 on Smoothies

Smoothies aren’t meant to be difficult or complicated to make! It’s not about finding the newest superfood or powder to put inside. I love using powders, don’t get me wrong, but I also love the simplicity of how a smoothie can be made with basic ingredients found in the kitchen!


4 frozen bananas

1 cup mixed raspberries and strawberries

1 tbsp protein powder

1 tsp chia seeds

½ cup almond milk

1 tbsp coconut yogurt

1 tsp acai powder

Smoothie Secrets/ Kitchen Hacks

Soak your nuts and legumes so they’re ready for you the next day. I love using cashews, walnuts and chickpeas in my smoothie. They add protein and a creaminess, especially when I don’t have protein powder around. I soak some extra legumes and nuts and throw them into the freezer for the next smoothie. Smoothies can be a meal if you don’t have any time. It just needs a little bit of prep the night before, whether you want to have a thicker smoothie with oats or a little bit of a crunch with chia seeds. Just like making a meal, you can make a smoothie to suit your palate.

Matcha Time

I recently discovered the comfort and quiet joy that can come from a good cup of tea. I have never been a coffee drinker! I love the citrus tastes of teas. Matcha tea has become a favorite of mine—both in smoothies and in a simple almond milk latte. The key is finding nourishing, organic and rich ingredients that make the tea and your smoothies full of vigor and flavor.


2 frozen bananas

1 tbsp coconut yogurt

1 tsp matcha powder (ceremonial)

1 mango

Handful of spinach leaves

1 cup almond milk

More Tips for a Great Smoothie

I’ve had so many smoothie blenders before and I believe that a good blender is vital to achieve the perfect smoothie. The machine I had previously left so many cabbage pieces and cashew bits. There are endless recipes for smoothies. Play around with them and have fun! It doesn’t always have to be bananas and strawberries. Try different superfoods. Having a cacao and almond butter smoothie is delicious and healthy! Green smoothies don’t have to be just kale. There are so many options, like spirulina, spinach, or cucumbers with a dash of lime! It’s important to have fun with what you’re eating.

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