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Blood Orange Cranberry Beetroot Smoothie Bowl

Suzan Danek

Raw, Vegan, Plant-based Chef


Instagram: @suzanda_



Tigernut Milk

1 cup tiger nuts

3½ cups water


1 cup tigernut milk

1 medium size blood orange

1 tbsp orange zest

1 small piece ginger peeled

1 small beetroot peeled

1 banana frozen

¼ tsp genuine vanilla powder

¼ tsp cinnamon

1 tbsp chia seeds

A few moringa leaves (optional)


1 slice blood orange

1 tbsp chia seeds

A few cranberries sliced

A few fresh moringa leaves (optional)

Edible flower petals


Soak tiger nuts over night. Rinse, drain & blend with 3½ cups water in a high speed blender. Strain through a nut milk bag. Store in refrigerator. Cut top & bottom from the orange. Cut one slice of the orange & set aside for decoration. Supreme rest of the orange & blend together with orange zest, tigernut milk, ginger, banana, quartered beetroot & a few moringa leaves (optional). Add vanilla, cinnamon, chia seeds & blend again. Pour into bowl decorate with orange & cranberry slices, moringa leaves, chia seeds & flower petals

Have you Tried EVPO?

Cold pressed extra virgin pumpkin seed oil is one of my favorite ingredients. It is well known for it’s numerous health benefits, generally produced in Austria, originating from the seed known as Cucurbita pepo var. Pumpkin seed oil has a unique nutty flavor. When added to certain soups or salads it will lead to a fine dining experience for your taste buds. Surprisingly enough, you can combine this treasure, known as “black gold“ because of it’s color, with desserts like vanilla ice cream.

Health Rituals

1. Try taking apple cider vinegar daily to restore your body’s natural PH balance.

2. Fermented foods and drinks made by using water kefir are a natural supplier of probiotics to our digestive track.

3. I always use organic produce and products.

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