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Blueberry Acai Bowl

Fabiola is a Chicago-based mom, engineer and foodie inspiring thousands with her passion for plants



Something New to Try: I’ve been enjoying adding stir-fried green onions and mushrooms in my salads lately. It tastes wonderful! They’re must-try salad ingredients, especially for people who find raw veggies hard to eat.

Latest Food Discovery: Try Japanese sweet potatoes! They are extraordinarily sweet and so fragrant! Each time I bake them, my house smells like cake! My favorite combination is with kale and avocado—you should definitely give it a try!

Essential Health Ritual: I always start my day with a big jar of green smoothie. That’s my best way to consume huge amounts of raw veggies. Morning is the moment when you break the fast after the night, so you want to keep it simple, hydrating and alkalizing!

Vegan Acai Bowl Recipe


6 frozen bananas

2 frozen acai packs

1 cup frozen blueberries and raspberries

¼ cup water


Fresh fruits sliced: 1 fresh banana, 4 strawberries, 1 kiwi

¼ cup raw pumpkin seeds


If the bananas have been frozen too long, let sit out on counter to soften a bit before blending. By doing it this way, you don’t even need to add water and it gives a perfect thick texture! When ready, add all the ice cream ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth. As the acai bowl base is thicker than smoothies, I would suggest that you use a high-speed blender for best results. Scrape the ice cream into the bowls and top with fresh fruits and nuts if desired.

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