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Mushroom Stroganoff

Casey Colodny


mushroom stroganoff, vegan recipes


16 oz baby bella mushrooms, cut in half and sliced

1 tbsp olive oil

1 onion, chopped

1 cup veggie broth

1 cup vegan sour cream*

Salt & black pepper, to taste


• Heat olive oil over medium heat in a large sauté pan. Add your onions and cook until they’ve started to brown, 3-5 minutes. Set aside.

• Add more olive oil to the pan, if necessary, and your sliced mushrooms. Cook until any water let off by the mushrooms has evaporated and the mushrooms have started to brown, about 5-8 minutes.

• Return your sautéed onions to the pan, add your veggie broth and cook for 2-3 minutes or until about half the liquid has evaporated.

• Add your vegan sour cream, as much or as little as you like, until you reach your preferred sauce consistency. Season with salt and ground black pepper to taste.

• Serve with your favorite pasta or veggie noodles and green peas. *I prefer making my own by blending 2 cups soaked cashews (overnight or bring to a boil and simmer for approx. 20 min), 1 cup water, ¾ cup lemon juice, ½ tsp salt and 1 tbsp nutritional yeast for 6-10 minutes or until completely smooth—otherwise, feel free to substitute store-bought!)

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