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The Fluffiest Gluten-Free Pancakes + Eating With Food Allergies and Intolerances

Conny Lutze



The Must-Have Ingredient

Definitely coconut butter. One of the best natural foods ever! Made from the meat of the coconut, it’s super delicious, nourishing and healthy. Most of us are in love with peanut butter, but since I was diagnosed with a histamine intolerance, I had to find alternatives. And believe me, coconut butter is a very good replacement. I use it in my oatmeal, as a spread on spelt bread, blend it in my smoothies or eat it right out of the jar with a spoon (my favorite way).

Eating with Allergies + Food Intolerances

I live a very simple plant-based lifestyle eating mostly whole foods because of my intolerances. It really helps me to feel better. I always cook fresh and colorful to have a high amount of vitamins and nutrients in every single meal. I think there is nothing better than a plate filled with oven-baked sweet potato, fresh or steamed vegetables, some chickpeas and fresh herbs like coriander or parsley. I also started to implement a green smoothie in the morning, which is really helpful to get even more micronutrients in, and I always prepare my breakfast with a mountain of fresh fruits. A perfect way to start the day.

The Perfect Tomato Replacement?

For a person like me, who is not allowed to eat tomatoes anymore, the best discovery ever was making pasta and pizza sauce with aromatic oven grilled red bell peppers instead. It’s so delicious and I’m not missing tomatoes anymore at all! Maybe the taste is even better?

Food Secret I Swear By

I love to use psyllium husks in the kitchen. It’s a great dietary fiber and can be used nearly everywhere you need more binding effects. The powder is perfect for use in the kitchen, especially for gluten-free baking and in smoothies, dips or ice cream to make them thicker. Psyllium husks can help control blood sugar and have positive effects on digestive issues.

Fluffy Pancake Recipe


³⁄4 cup (80 g) buckwheat flour

¼ cup (30 g) tapioca starch or another starch

¹⁄³ cup (30 g) coconut blossom sugar

½ cup water (120 ml)

³⁄4 cup (180 ml) coconut milk (full-fat)

2 tbsp applesauce

1 tsp ground flaxseeds or chia seeds

1 tsp baking powder

½ tsp ground vanilla or vanilla extract


Put buckwheat flour, starch, flaxseeds, coconut blossom sugar, baking powder and vanilla in a bowl and mix well. Put the coconut milk, water and applesauce into a high container and beat with a blender until frothy. Add the liquid mixture to the dry ingredients in the bowl and whisk well until you get a thick dough. Let it rest for about 10 minutes so that the flaxseeds can soak. Heat a layered pan (I always put it at highest heat first and reduce to medium heat), stir the dough again and add ¹⁄³ cup dough in the pan. I use a larger one and always bake 3 pancakes at the same time. Bake the pancake until you see small bubbles on the surface. Then flip it with a spatula and bake the other side again for 1 to 2 minutes. Now you can stack or lay the finished pancakes on a plate and garnish them with fruit and carob sauce.

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