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Blueberry-Lavender Cheesecake

Emanuel Prestele


Instagram: @vegan_leaks


Q: How has food impacted your life and health?

A: Having followed a diet containing meat, dairy, and eggs for more than 30 years, I would say my overall health has improved in every way possible. I have lost 30 pounds of weight that shouldn’t have been there, my neurodermatitis has vanished completely, and I am far more energized than before. Yet, the birth of my son made me quit smoking, start to run and cycle regularly, and go vegan from one day to the next. So it’s hard to tell which of those factors triggered which particular improvement, but above physical health my entire mindset has changed towards a more compassionate look on animals, making it impossible to imagine I was consuming them not too long ago.



For this 18-cm springform, you will need:

200 g soaked dates

100 g cashew nuts

50 g almonds

50 g coconut shreds


Chop all the ingredients with a knife and mix them together. Press them firmly into your springform. Make sure to really form a dense crust. Set aside and cool in fridge.


400 g soy yogurt

250 g blueberries

80 g sugar (or an equivalent, agave syrup for example)

2-3 tsp carob gum powder

1 tsp vanilla extract

3 drops lavender extract


In your blender, mix blueberries, sugar, and vanilla extract on high speed. Then, add the yogurt on lower speed until everything is mixed well together. Now, while blending on medium speed, add carob gum powder and mix well. Pour filling onto the crust and let cool down overnight. Now, carefully remove the cake out of the form. Decorate with melted white rice chocolate and whatever you like best.

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