Layered Cocoa-Mocha Ice Cream Bars by Our Favorite 15-Year-Old Vegan, Sophie Nguyen

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1½ cups rolled oats

¾ cup soft medjool dates, pitted

¹⁄³ cup cocoa powder

Chocolate Ice Cream Layer

1²⁄³ cups canned coconut cream

6 tbsp agave sweetener

6 tbsp cocoa powder

Mocha Ice Cream Layer

1 cup canned coconut cream

½ cup strongly brewed coffee, cooled

3 tbsp agave sweetener

Chocolate Drizzle

¼ cup vegan chocolate chips

Water, to thin


Chopped walnuts or almonds


Combine ingredients for the base in a food processor and blend until a thick, doughy consistency is achieved. Divide base evenly into three mini loaf pans (or one larger pan equivalent in size) and press in with hands until it is flat and firm.