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Chocolate Pudding (Made from Cauliflower!)

Vegan foodie + lifestyle blogger Laura Grosch




1 head cauliflower (500 g cooked)

2 bananas

2 tbsp cacao powder

100 g soy yogurt

2 tbsp coconut sugar

1½ tsp agar-agar (vegan gelatin)


Cook or steam cauliflower until soft. Then put all ingredients in a high-speed blender and pulse until smooth. Serve in a bowl and add your favorite toppings.

The impact of food on health

I’ve always seen eating as something you have to do to survive. After living fully plant-based for three years, my experience has taught me better. Food determines how you feel on a daily basis! And in addition to that, healthy eating is your cheapest and most effective pension plan. I think most people underestimate the power of healthy eating habits. Since I’ve discovered that, I’ve made it my life mission to educate about health topics.

Cooking Hacks

1. Fry without oil. Most of us have become so used to using oil in the kitchen that we don’t even consider replacing oil with whole foods such as coconut milk and nut butters. In my opinion, it is always better to consume fat in the form of whole foods, which (unlike oil) come with fiber, nutrients and vitamins. I fry my pancakes without oil (if you use a high-quality pan, they won’t stick! I promise!) and fry my vegetables in water.

2. Use dates as a sweetener. Date paste and whole dates can be bought for very cheap prices in Turkish and Arabic stores. I like to make date caramel by blending dates with water and vanilla, or chocolate date caramel by adding cacao powder. Date caramel can be used as a pancake topping, to sweeten smoothies or cakes, and much more.

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