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Wayne Coyne on Living Vibrantly, Helping Animals for Thirty Years and Doing Everything With Love

A conversation with Maranda Pleasant


@waynecoyne5 on Instagram


Maranda Pleasant: How do you live with so much life, color, and vibrancy? Where does it come from?

Wayne Coyne: Well I think it’s just an expression of what I like. Haha. And, I think I am, maybe, too intense. So, if I like something I usually think “LET’S DO MORE” of it. Haha. So like we use, during our live stage shows, confetti, balloons, strobe lights, smoke bombs and L.E.D. screens, and strings, and like I said, I have a tendency to want more! More! More! So yeah. All that gets “over the top” pretty quick. And we also have an art gallery called The Womb and yeah it’s pretty much same way. The whole building was painted by muralist Maya Hayuk and I think it is her masterpiece! Sometimes I am not ready for it and I’ll be driving up to the building and I’m like ‘FUCK! That is wicked.’ Ha.

MP: Why do you do so much for animals, especially in Oklahoma, where you live?

WC: I do so much for animals, because people treat them so horribly. I don’t really think about bears and raccoons and birds and things that are in the wild, you know. I obviously want them and where they live to be taken care of and not fucked up by greedy humans, but mostly the animals I am fighting for are homeless dogs and cats in Oklahoma City, where I live, but really everywhere that there is horrible abuse and neglect.

MP: If you could say something to everyone on the planet, what would it be?

WC: I don’t think it would be very different from things that have been said a billion times already. Maybe it would be...when you do the things in your life, whatever it is that you do, do it with love.

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