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Recipe Tips for the Ultimate Salad

Fiona Sheppard

Perth, Western Australia


Instagram: @rawcrush


1. Start with a green leafy vegetable. Use 100g arugula, baby spinach, cabbage, kale or lettuce.

2. Add 2 raw vegetables. Thinly slice 100g zucchini or beetroot, carrot, snow, sugar peas, cucumber, celery, fennel or radishes.

3. Add 2 blanched or roasted vegetables. Use 100g blanched green beans and 100g asparagus. Substitute broccoli and brussels sprouts, cauliflower and pumpkin, sweet potato and corn, or artichoke and eggplant.

4. Add a grain. Use 150g of cooked black rice, brown rice, quinoa, cracked wheat or barley.

5. Add a legume. Use 150g tofu, dry-fried and tossed in tamari, or you can use tempeh, soybeans, chickpeas or lentils.

6. Add a healthy fat. Use 15 g chopped raw almonds or any raw nuts, seeds or avocado.

7. Add a herb. Use 15 g mint or any leafy green herb, like basil, parsley, coriander, dill, chives, chervil or tarragon.

8. Add something high in vitamin C. Use 70 g blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, papaya balls, citrus fruit or bell pepper.

9. Add some sparkle. Use sliced spring onions, shallots, black seed or chili.

10. Add a dressing. Perfect salad dressings have a combination of salt, sweet, sour and richness from fats. Use lemon, oil, pink salt and coconut sugar, any type of vinaigrette, or more robust dressings with white miso or coconut yogurt.

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