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Pretty Zen: Nourishing Natural Beauty in a Modern World

Jules Aron


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natural beauty, wellness

The Pretty Zen philosophy is deeply rooted in finding, balancing and maintaining wholesome beauty in a modern world. Part philosophy, part lifestyle, Pretty Zen takes natural healing modalities, Eastern philosophies, integrative nutrition and an overall holistic approach to well-being and applies them to a modern way of life. It’s a natural outlook with an underlying belief that there may be no greater pursuit than a life well loved. Ease into your day with a morning ritual that involves drinking warm lemon water. Lemon juice delivers a collagen-building, antioxidant-packed vitamin C boost that supports detox and elimination essential to your glow. If you’re feeling sluggish, feel free to stir in some freshly grated ginger or turmeric. Add a little black pepper to enhance absorption or a pinch of cayenne to stimulate your metabolism.

Living in a modern world, with state-of-the-art technological advancements promising youth and beauty with every jar, treatment or injection, it is easy to understand how we’ve moved so far away from simple holistic herbal practices. But it is also easy to see that we feel better when we rely on real food, spend lots of time outdoors and bring elements of nature into our daily life. Our plant world has bestowed on us an incredible array of fruits, herbs, seeds and flowers that have been used for generations for improved authentic beauty and well-being. Whole foods and botanicals are nourishing, pampering, cleansing and balancing. The following beauty lifestyle elements are at the core of the Pretty Zen philosophy. Incorporating these, in the form of personal wellness practices, will nurture your lasting beauty.


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Satisfying our daily nutrition and hydration needs is essential for our beauty and health. It is important to discover our own individual dietary needs. For recipe inspiration and more on essential nutritional needs, please pick up my sister book, Nourish and Glow. The foods we eat support our body’s beautifying processes, breaking down into molecular building blocks and directly impacting the glow of our skin, the shine of our hair and the radiance emanating from our very being. Plants absorb the powerful life force from the sun in the form of chlorophyll and bring that powerful energy into every cell in our bodies. They are powerful natural beauty boosters. Processed, refined and artificial foods are extremely difficult and often impossible for the body to break down, remaining in our system to occupy clean, healthy cells.


Our bodies thrive on movement, yet we all require different types of exercise and these needs may change over time. It’s simply a matter of finding the right option for you. Stay open-minded and you’ll find a routine that will nourish you on a regular basis.


When it comes to your beauty routine, sleep may be the closest thing to a fountain of youth. Your body repairs and recovers while you rest, and that leads to a long list of glow-getting benefits.


The quality of our relationships greatly influences the quality of our lives. It is important to cultivate healthy, loving relationships that support our individual needs, wants and desires.


There is something very nourishing about feeling deeply connected: feeling the vastness when looking up at the sky, experiencing the sense of infinite when sitting by the ocean and taking the time to reconnect with our natural surroundings bring us great peace and nurture our well-being.

Jules Aron is an Integrative Nutrition Coach, Natural Beauty Advocate, Green Lifestyle Expert and author of four cookbooks; passionate about creating revitalizing, beautifying and guilt-free plant-based recipes that support well-being within and without

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