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CBD and Gut Health


You are what you eat—we all know this phrase, but perhaps it should be “your health is what you eat.” The close connection between the gut and our general health is vitally important. An unbalanced gut can actually lead to both physical and emotional discomfort, setting us up for a plethora of health conditions such as stress, blood pressure issues and heart conditions.

A healthy, balanced diet is of course the most natural way to keep the gut-health connection in balance, but supplementing with nature’s own CBD oil can give your gut an extra health boost.

Why CBD?

CBD is a natural compound that, despite its origin from cannabis, has no psychoactive effects. Research actually suggests that it can calm both body and mind. Through its regulation of our body’s own signaling system, known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS), CBD can possibly block the receptors that normally transmit stress signals to the brain.

This means that CBD could have the potential to relieve a lot of the stress that poor diet, lack of exercise and daily pressure can put on our body.

Endoca believes in the body’s ability to heal itself through holistic living and a focus on wellness, but sometimes, some of us need a little help. For people suffering from chronic conditions, studies indicate that CBD can help many maintain a good quality of life.

According to research, CBD might reduce stress signals due to its anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties. CBD’s seeming ability to combat anxiety helps spread a sense of calm throughout the body—a feeling that is also quite helpful for people with stress. Meanwhile, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can possibly reduce the stress that our guts often experience during times of hardship, stress or illness. By decreasing intestinal swelling, we can allow our gut to bring balance to our general health.

Why Not CBD?

While CBD has no adverse side effects, cannot get you “high” and isn’t connected to any health risks (confirmed by the World Health Organization), not every kind of CBD is worth a shot.

The best CBD out there is the organic kind, because it’s only through organic production that you can be fully assured that your CBD is free from any pesticides, chemicals or other compounds that shouldn’t be there. Other contaminants, such as alcohol, shouldn’t be present either.

This is why Endoca’s products are made using only organically grown plants and the Supercritical CO2 method, because this ensures the cleanest products. Furthermore, Endoca also provides third-party lab tests and batch reports, so consumers can use their CBD products without worrying about adverse effects.

Want to Learn More About CBD?

The more you get into the world of CBD, the more eager you are to learn about all its facets: from the ECS to extraction methods. But where do you find the most current and diverse information about CBD?

Endoca offers some of the most in-depth CBD information out there. For more details, visit them on Instagram at @endoca or our their website at

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