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Plant Medicine: Arnica, Calendula + Curcumin

Super Power Plants + Anti-Inflammatory Heroes

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›› Arnica

Relieves muscle pain, sprains, inflammation and helps heal bruises. Arnica is a potent remedy for various inflammatory and exercise-related injuries. Topically applying arnica has proven to be effective in reducing pain, indicators of inflammation and muscle damage, which in turn can improve athletic performance. Arnica has been used in traditional medicine for everything from hematomas, contusions, sprains and rheumatic diseases to superficial inflammations of the skin. Arnica also stimulates the flow of white blood cells, which process congested blood to help disperse trapped fluid from the muscles, joints and bruised tissue. Healing a bruise naturally and quickly is always desirable. Simply apply arnica oil, gel or cream to your bruise twice daily, as long as the skin is unbroken. Our recovery time is noticeably faster.

›› Calendula

Has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help heal cuts, scrapes, bruises, insect bites and minor wounds, as well as conjunctivitis and sore or infected gums.

›› Cinnamon

The highest antioxidant values of any spice— reduces inflammation, lowers blood sugar, alleviates nausea.

›› Comfrey

Relieves pain and inflammation, particularly for those with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis; great topical treatment for burns, abrasions and other skin irritations.

›› Curcumin/Turmeric

Best known for its cancer-fighting properties, via the cancer-fighting compound curcumin; reduces inflammation and eases joint pain and arthritis; soothes the digestive system; has potential benefits for those with Alzheimer’s disease and arthritis; contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

›› Chamomile

Calms anxiety and stress, and may have a positive effect on attention deficit disorder; antibacterial and anti-inflammatory; beneficial for the liver and digestive system; eases skin inflammations, as well as bacterial skin diseases, cuts and abrasions.

›› Ginger

Relieves nausea and morning sickness, helps with pain management, has anti-inflammatory properties that may fight colon cancer.

›› Juniper

Relieves indigestion, clears congestion, helps heal wounds and inflammatory diseases.

›› Lavender

Enhances healing, improves digestion, relieves muscle tension and reduces stress; improves the circulatory, immune and nervous systems; has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antiseptic abilities.

›› Rosemary

Promotes healthy digestion and good cholesterol levels, stimulates the nervous system, improves memory, relieves muscle pain, eases migraines and headaches, improves circulation, boosts the immune system, eases asthma and allergies.

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