4 Simple Vegan Ice Cream Recipes with 5 Ingredients or Less!

Mariela Marrero Teacher, Animal Rescuer & Advocate

Based in Puerto Rico/Florida


Instagram: @healthydeightsbylibelula | healthydelightsbylibelula.com

Why I Went Vegan

I’ve been rescuing animals since I was five years old. I have seen a lot of suffering around and I still do. The main reason for transitioning into a vegan lifestyle was to help put a stop to animal abuse and suffering. I love animals so much and leaving them off my plate is the best way to contribute. They suffer and fear just like you and me. If you are curious about a vegan lifestyle, I can tell you some of the reasons you should go vegan. Did you know that the egg industry causes a lot of suffering and death? Also, animal agriculture is the biggest human-caused source of greenhouse gases, land use and degradation. It’s also the major cause of air pollution, habitat loss and species extinction. Most people are not aware that billions of land animals are killed for food every year. A well-balanced vegan diet can easily provide you all the nutrients you need to thrive. Following a vegan diet can reverse and prevent diseases. People’s food choices are harming our planet. There’s no reason for killing animals for food. I chose compassion over suffering and it’s the most rewarding decision ever.

Papaya Ice Cream

½ papaya, chopped

1 scoop vegan coconut ice cream

¼ cup coconut water

Pink Ice Cream

1 cup frozen pitaya

1 scoop vegan coconut ice cream

¼ cup coconut water

½ frozen banana

Blue Ice Cream

1 frozen banana

1 cup soy yogurt

1 scoop vegan coconut ice cream

1 tsp blue spirulina